The Femme Collection

IMG_20190110_093717_578.JPGLoruma Designs is a Nigerian based clothing brand that specialises in women’s wear clothing.

IMG_20190110_093638_912.JPGIMG_20190110_093925_184.JPGIMG_20190110_093606_653.JPGDuring the end of last year, Loruma Designs released a female work wear collection titled FEMME. The collection comprises of ready to wear female clothing: jumpsuits, blouses, dresses skirts, pants and shorts with elaborate feminine designs and details.

IMG_20190110_093815_705.JPGIMG_20190110_094002_021.JPGIMG_20190110_093941_357.JPGIMG_20190110_093652_310.JPGFor this collection, the brand made use of chiffon and sheer fabrics in colourful patterns and designs. Pieces from the collection include thigh-lenght slits, puffy sleeves, and more.

IMG_20190110_093732_563.JPGIMG_20190110_093905_250.JPGIMG_20190110_094047_821.JPGIMG_20190110_094059_923.JPGIMG_20190110_093517_754.JPGIMG_20190110_093453_968.JPGIMG_20190110_093539_585.JPGWith this collection, Loruma Designs ensures that the everyday woman tackles the 2019 work and social engagements with style and elegance.
Loruma Designs Femme collection is available at the Bella Angelique Store in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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