BLACK BARBIE Fashion and Beauty Photography

IMG_20190117_003510_384.JPGPhotography – Image Faculty
Concept – @otobongsmart
Makeup – @otismakeupartistry
Hair – @tonysbeautyace
Wig – @wigtools
Retouched – @retouchafrique
Assist – @ehiabhii
Black Barbie was created by the above named persons, with @the_kitan of KBS Models as its muse.
The glossy fashion and beauty photography reminds me of residents of Panem, the fictitious Capitol in the Hunger Games movie. However, this shoot is not as extravagant.

IMG_20190117_003534_772.JPGThis shoot is a beautiful showcase of colors – from the pink curly wig with light blonde highlights to the sky-blue pupils, pink lipstick, white big beads to the dark chocolate brown of @the_kitan’s melanin skin.

IMG_20190117_003510_384.JPGInspired by the famed fashion doll, Barbie, the shoot recreates the doll’s pose and features like hair eyes and hair.

Photo Source: Instagram, @imagefaculty

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