Inside Out Jeans – a Trend or a Stretch?

IMG_20190118_112134_668.JPGThe latest design to hit the jeans world is the Inside Out jeans. Sold by fashion retail brand Boohoo at Β£16.72 (N7, 758), the inside out jeans are designed to look inside out with reverse mid-rise visible stitching, lining and two pouches were the waist and hip pockets usually are.

IMG_20190118_112207_312.JPGIMG_20190118_112148_113.JPGIn fact, the jeans look like you got dressed in the dark.

The Boohoo mid-rise reverse jeans has a gold hem detail that runs from the waist down the sides and across the knee. The buttons on the jeans are also designed to face backwards.

IMG_20190118_112247_736.JPGIMG_20190118_113550_368.JPGAccording to Daily Mail, Boohoo is not the only fashion retailer selling inside out clothing. Online luxury retail platform, FarFetch have a pair of inside out ‘Unravel Project’ shorts for sale while fashion brand, Calvin Klein have a popular Road Runner themed knit jumper that is also inside out. Calvin Klein’s knit jumper is sold for Β£1,700 (approximately N788, 800.00).

IMG_20190118_112351_843.JPGIMG_20190118_112314_672.JPGAn interesting question is whether modern fashion encourages an untidy look?

However, with the success that ripped jeans enjoys around the world, it will be no surprise if inside out clothing garner the same interest and success.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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