WSJ Magazine 2019 February Issue

056cd7343751294e9be9ad7cc158df3c.jpgAdut Akech Bior is the cover girl of WSJ Magazine’s February 2019 Issue.

f6b8e9b62ae52f3369c2d9f8dd2009ab.jpgb9478fed7c322f216a3d805ecc1dbbc4.jpgFrom a sequined emerald green party dress to haute couture polka-dot bow inspired design, to a simple yet elegant colorful skirt and blouse, Adut worked the photoshoot like a pro.

fbbbf6b66d4d73cca32d5d088b4c31a6.jpg5d945e1664eb1e8ca784c07679d0ed6e.jpg409635b10280821ef71e6fffde9cf999.jpgc0925eb87bb537c9642a98baa289eb3d.jpga6f3724f0b18cea13491100875084519.jpgPhotographed in Brooklyn by Cass Bird @cassblackbird, with styling by George Cortina, makeup by Frank B of @therealofficialfrankb and hair by @tamaramcnaughton, the issue celebrates the season’s bounty of bright dresses.

Adut Akech wore her hair slicked back in a small bun for this shoot and opted for a natural simple look.

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