Concerns over SavagexFenty’s Valentine’s Day Collection

IMG_20190118_234626_295.JPGIMG_20190118_234242_934.JPGSavagexFenty recently released its Valentine’s Day Collection. But while most fans quickly embraced the new lingerie set, other concerned fans questioned the design options for plus size and smaller sizes.

IMG_20190118_234405_985.JPGFashion blogger Alysee Dalessandro made the observations in a series of tweets a few days ago pointing out the variations in designs for similar lingerie pieces produced by the brand for different body shapes.

IMG_20190118_234334_615.JPGIMG_20190118_234324_135.JPGIMG_20190118_234423_235.JPGIMG_20190118_234344_374.JPGIMG_20190118_234354_801.JPGAlthough the differences in design are not much, they are however very visible with the sets for smaller size women being much sexier.

IMG_20190118_234309_207.JPGIMG_20190118_234252_765.JPGFor Alysee and other people who observed the different design details, the point behind the concerns are for brands to recognize the choice of the customers who may either decide to choose comfort and support over sexy or sexy over support.

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