The Individuality Collection by Reme Liman

3Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpgOn Instagram, Reme Liman describes itself as ” a coeval brand born out of love in the spirit of ethnocentrism”. The Individuality Collection is borne out of the brand’s ideology of being true to oneself and embracing one’s uniqueness.

7Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg5Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg12Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpegReme Liman merges traditional Nigerian fabrics with aesthetic modern designs. A unisex offering, the Individuality Collection which is also Reme Liman’s 2019 Spring/Summer Collection combines organza, crepe satin, and cotton in hues of “seaweed green, gold and yellow” set against black and white backgrounds to create bold designs.

6Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg1Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpgThe collection sees a smart African print jacket being paired with a black crepe-back satin pants, an off shoulder white blouse with puffy, long sleeves.

0Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg9Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg10Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpgReme Liman’s Individuality Collection worked a lot of details into the clothing especially with the feminine pieces, something I feel clashed with the overall presentation. I like the male clothing more; it is simple, short and interesting. My favorite is the black sheer, round neck polo with a bow detail worn by the male model.

2Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg8Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg11Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpeg4Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpg13Reme-Liman-Individuality-Collection.jpegThe Individuality Collection was modeled by Karah Adu and @moshefalade with styling by Femi Ajose, creative direction by Tunde Shoremekun and photographed by Balogun Abdul Ghaffar.

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