Junaid Photography and the Beyond Complexion Editorial

IMG_20190121_103728_338.JPGBeyond Complexion is inspired to “raise awareness for Albinism, to redefine beauty and to analyze how being uncommon is far from being negative”. For the photographer, Tosin Junaid, the editorial is a story of finding one’s personal style and niche.

It is a beautiful showcase of artistry, style, beauty in every form and elegance.

IMG_20190121_103754_454.JPGModeled by Vivian (@kizz_viva), the editorial features the model in three sets of clothing: a pale pink long-sleeve corset with a full skirt, floral and lace appliqué details, a floral green dress with a corset and a full skirt, and a royal blue backless gown with a long train and bow details. Each dress from the editorial was designed by Nigerian based fashion designer, Zhalima Grazioni (@zhalimaofficial).

IMG_20190121_103739_822.JPGThe editorial also features the inputs and works of stylist Fayosola Aina (@fayo_ths), hairstyle by @tees_hairmpire, makeup by Oge by Lami Beauty (@fisolami), accessories by Le Funkt (@lefunktaccessories) and direction by Alli Akinwande Photography (@alliakinwande) and Tobinho (@teaplusphotography).

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