Lip Art Inspiration by Jazmina Daniel

IMG_20190122_200148_093.JPGAside using our lipstick and lip liner for beauty alone, we can also use it to create art. Jazmina Daniel, an Australian artist creates beauty and art from her makeup brushes and lip kits.

With a healthy following on Instagram and YouTube, Jazmine posts tutorials on how to recreate her look.

IMG_20190122_182336_191.JPGIMG_20190122_182315_620.JPGI came across Jazmina’s work on Abigail Goodchild’s Instagram handle (@upondisney).

IMG_20190122_200426_393.JPGIMG_20190122_200352_434.JPGIMG_20190122_200403_394.JPGIMG_20190122_200336_548.JPGIMG_20190122_200315_204.JPGEach lip art is entirely unique and showcases some of Disney’s favorite characters. Apart from creating movie scenes and animations, Jazmina also creates real life personalities with her art.

IMG_20190122_200207_806.JPGIMG_20190122_200231_580.JPGIMG_20190122_200448_730.JPGIMG_20190122_200459_324.JPGSome of her well-known makeup brands include Mac Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Mehron Makeup, Color Drain, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics and more.

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