Over 40s Fashion That Inspires the 20s.

0b34fbb26b9ba4e84a6728b520312a72.jpgWe’ve all heard the saying, “age is just a number”; well, it couldn’t be more right when it comes to fashion. Older women are taking the world of fashion by its reins and are inspiring the younger generation with their edgy, time inspired fashion knowhow. Putting together a fashionable look from two generations is a whole set of mastery and skill.

91deaa4e17bfbc1a0a5a3ea2841805b5.jpgIMG_20190128_185304_319.JPG78bf8ec290824f2096617ad96d0adb5f.jpg39f8865889724dc046cd6aaa3e119b94.jpga65e0a6732363cd978d69bd0f8849720.jpg6835b1ac57ed6aa54f22c70d3b7ed315.jpg376a2c88e277f519bf126606bbe29f12.jpgd942ffa962c06d09e2b4294ab4ccd385.jpg26f5e4d384e94b50a67c993d9e5a0d02.jpgIMG_20190128_185149_327.JPG41f278cbf1ca4e80b5395073fb600f98.jpgd8d00c1b08d48276a7549d3c00c16ce7.jpgFashion no longer focuses on nudity but rather on modesty. The older generation of women are stepping out to show  how fashion can be both modest, sexy, classy and elegant.


Photo Source: Pinterest



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