Zhalima Grazioni’s De Lujo 2019 Bridal Collection

IMG_20190128_082712_423.JPGThe De Lujo 2019 Bridal Collection introduces ‘a more non-traditional option of bridal dresses’.
The collection offers options in colors and design details.
In the De Lujo collection, Zhalima Grazioni designed a corset bridal gown with a full skirt and lace appliqué details in a beautiful silver color. The gown has a simple traditional bridal silhouette and style.

Zhalima-Grazioni-Bridal-Fashion-Line-9-1080x1571.jpgZhalima-Grazioni-Bridal-Fashion-Line-8-1080x1597.jpgZhalima-Grazioni-Bridal-Fashion-Line-14-1080x1620.jpgZhalima-Grazioni-Bridal-Fashion-Line-15-1080x1580.jpgZhalima-Grazioni-Bridal-Fashion-Line-16-1080x1620.jpgAlso offered in the collection is a purple mermaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, a tea length gown with a sheer upper body, a jumpsuit paired with a jacket and a pink halter neck dress, each with beautiful beading designs and shimmering details.

IMG_20190128_082745_556.JPGIMG_20190128_082818_652.JPGIMG_20190128_082721_817.JPGIMG_20190128_082700_381.JPGIMG_20190128_082650_554.JPGEach clothing from this collection presents a unique selection of pre-wedding, wedding and reception choices for the bride, I also think that they are designed to fit into every occasion, not just weddings.

IMG_20190129_202352_244.JPGIMG_20190129_202342_633.JPGIMG_20190128_082758_300.JPGIMG_20190128_082733_136.JPGIMG_20190128_082807_903.JPGIMG_20190128_082640_632.JPGZhalima Grazioni’s De Lujo 2019 Bridal Collection was photographed by Nigerian photographer, Salvador Lateef and modeled by Deborah Ezeh and Ann Amaka Iloha.

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