Another Easy Breezy Way Of Tying Turbans.

Towards the end of 2017, Turbans were a major deal for everyone in my area; the new must-have fashion item. There were headwraps for sale and soon ingenuity created an already made easy to tie headwrap that transforms to a turban πŸ‘³ (😌 that was a bit difficult to describe).

IMG_20190130_234027_396.JPGIMG_20190130_234017_770.JPGIMG_20190130_234005_361.JPGThis video by YouTuber, Nicollette shows how to tie a turban. Nicollette is a beauty blogger and has a YouTube channel Modelesquenic.

IMG_20190130_234201_670.JPGIMG_20190130_234224_731.JPGIMG_20190130_234036_876.JPGIMG_20190130_234145_910.JPGThere’s a total of six headwrap styles from Nicollette (@modelesque_nic) using a peach colored headwrap bought from Amazon. In this video, the blogger shared two headwrap styles and they are a simple, beautiful look.
For the complete six turban headwrap styles, visit her YouTube channel.

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