Amnas’s 2019 Off-season Collection

Amnas-Collection-OnoBello-1.jpgI have been looking forward to this collection since spotting the first look on Amnas Instagram page. And it is everything I hoped it would be and even more.

Amnas-Collection-OnoBello-2.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-3.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-11.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-13.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-12.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-18.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-17.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-19.jpgAmnas is a Nigerian modest women’s clothing that provides modest wear for every woman. A Modest Work-Wear Collection by Amnas

In this collection, Amnas redefines modest wear in a fierce, bold and contemporary style. Modest, yes, but the brand looked to open the definition of modest wear and in doing so, made provisions for clothing a savvy, Instagram loving young woman of 2019 would wear.

Amnas-Collection-OnoBello-16.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-14.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-15.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-20.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-21.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-10.jpgEven where we see pieces that we have already seen before, Amnas keeps it all interesting with tidbits of details that are eye catching and sophisticated.

Amnas-Collection-OnoBello-6.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-4.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-5.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-9.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-8.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-7.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-23.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-24.jpgAmnas-Collection-OnoBello-22.jpgWe see sparkling dresses worn with sheer floor length jackets with flamboyant ruffled sleeves, a pink and white stripes gown with a full, floating skirt and my favorite, a two piece jacket and pant that is both sporty and utilitarian in style.
It is nice to see Amnas’s 2019 woman being more, confident, more powerful, more fun, more sophisticated and more beautiful.


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