Food 🍲 Inspo 9: Fresh Salad with a Twist

Today my weight loss app gave me Vegetable Salad for lunch and I had no idea how to get vegetables for salad.

My typical vegetable salad is Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrots, Green peas and if my purse is full, I add the corns and baked beans.

IMG_20190131_202038_982.jpgMy purse was not full and I had no intention of reaching the market. So for want of a Plan B, I decided to read the meal plan again and hopefully twist it.

My eyes opened to carrots, tomatoes, sweet pepper and cucumber. I realized that I could get all minus the sweet pepper from roadside fruit vendors. The banana came into the picture because I wanted fruits too and @dinmaokoh sort of suggested it.
Here’s my Fresh Salad with a Twist for you to try.

Ingredients for Fresh Salad with a Twist
(For one serving)

IMG_20190131_202038_978.jpg1 Cucumber
2 Carrots
2 fresh Tomatoes
2 fingers of Banana

This recipe is so easy to prepare and I like how the different colors came together; the red tomatoes, white of the cucumber, the orange carrots, creamy banana and mayonnaise.
1. Wash the vegetables well.
2. Cut them up into chewable sizes.
3. Cut the bananas up and add all in a serving plate.
4. Add your mayonnaise. For this meal I used Jago Mayonnaise, it tastes a lot like BAMA and at a point I couldn’tΒ  decide which was creamier.
5. Just eat and fill up with a fresh, new taste.
I ate mine with water πŸ’¦, yogurt crossed my mind at the end of the meal πŸ˜€.

Hope you enjoy it.

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