Balmain’s Spring 2019 Couture Collection

haute couture (uncountable)
3. Any unique stylish design made to order for wealthy and          high-status clients.

I sometimes think that haute couture is not designed to be worn except by models on the runway or celebrities like Lady Gaga.

_FIO0543.jpg_FIO0494.jpg_FIO0506.jpgThis year’s Couture Spring show was as loud, lavish and unwearable as any other. Out of the list of fashion brands that showcased their recent Spring Couture Collection, I think Balmain had pieces that can be considered wearable outside of the runway and could even make it outside the pages of magazines and off the red carpets (because of the many glittering stones it will need added security).

_FIO0420.jpg_FIO0566.jpg_FIO0409.jpg_FIO0450.jpg_FIO0593.jpg_FIO0434.jpg_FIO0292.jpg_FIO0301.jpg_FIO0369.jpg_FIO0385.jpg_FIO0320.jpg_FIO0337.jpg_FIO0396.jpg_FIO0361.jpgRousteing’s Spring Couture Collection was a lot like his previous works of which the Kardashians are famous for always wearing and I think that is the reason most of the pieces looked like I had seen them before. Yes, on a Kardashian.

_FIO0083.jpg_FIO0141.jpg_FIO0073.jpg_FIO0107.jpg_FIO0121.jpg_FIO0094.jpg_FIO0157.jpgFor something new from the brand, I think amongst others it would be the white, belted jacket dress with one sleeve , the distressed and  embellished pants worn with an oyster inspired blouse, and the beautiful pink gown with a full skirt designed to resemble a cake’s fondant.

_FIO0274.jpg_FIO0190.jpg_FIO0205.jpg_FIO0263.jpg_FIO0246.jpg_FIO0236.jpg_FIO0173.jpg_FIO0217.jpgFrom the collection, I like the retro steampunk inspired sunglasses. For the pearl shaped bracelets, I can only say it’s haute couture.

Photo Source: Vogue.

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