PRIMARY by Habiba da Silva


Photo by @tibyan_albasha

Habiba da Silva’s Primary Collection comes in three shades of primary colors, blue, red and yellow. Blue 💙 represents Honor, Red is for Devotion ❤️, while Strength 💛 is shown through the color yellow.

IMG_20190205_231132_966.JPGThe clothing shown in this collection are simple, classy and modest, a concept the modest wear brand is known for.
The fashion brand is popular for its hijab scarfs that come in a range of cool, warm nude colors. For this collection, Habiba da Silva chose to go bold with scarves availability in rich blue, red and yellow colors.

PRIMARY comprises of long jackets, flared pants, shirts, sporty longlseeved blouse and a tiered dress. The collection is lovely and like I said modest and classy.

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