The Ugly Truth about Frontals by Tierraj Beauty

Let me tell you a secreeeet……

IMG_20190207_081746_686.JPGFrontal wigs are in, slay, beautiful and not going anywhere. But what comes after the glam do-it-yourself YouTube videos?

Tierraj says it’s not all rosy as we think. After a few days, weeks, “there’s the real real…”
1. The Ear Itch

IMG_20190207_081813_693.JPG2. Where My Fo’head?

IMG_20190207_081840_181.JPG3. Lace Is Not Invisible

IMG_20190207_081827_677.JPG4. Crusty Gel

IMG_20190207_082237_625.JPG5. It Starts Lifting

IMG_20190207_082249_357.JPGIMG_20190207_081803_198.JPGIn this funny but enlightening video, Tierraj gives us a big extra – how to get the frontal off.


Just spray….

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