The Alien, The Goddess and The Angel

IMG_20190209_135850_567.JPGA three-themed fashion x photography editorial, these photos are from the series – Out of the World.

IMG_20190209_140010_418.JPGIMG_20190209_135921_746.JPGIMG_20190209_135905_056.JPGIMG_20190209_135836_699.JPGIMG_20190209_135952_400.JPGIMG_20190209_135827_414.JPGPhotographed by Nigerian photographer Lex Ash, with creative inputs such as makeup by @adella_makeup, @poshpaperdesigns for props and assist, hair by @ceezystyling. It was modeled by M. J Akindele of FEW Models.

IMG_20190209_140356_608.JPGIMG_20190209_140245_572.JPGIMG_20190209_140424_502.JPGIMG_20190209_140414_641.JPGIMG_20190209_140328_769.JPGThe fabrics used for this editorial are from Sissymeme Couture. The shoot mostly used fabrics from Sissymeme Couture as wraps. The shoot featured a soft pastel thin strap gown, a dark blue turtleneck leather midi dress and a one shoulder white dress.

IMG_20190209_140041_287.JPGIMG_20190209_140129_586.JPGIMG_20190209_140212_871.JPGIMG_20190209_140153_573.JPGIMG_20190209_140111_690.JPGThe three part editorial is titled The Alien, The Goddess and The Angel.

Photo Source: Instagram, @thelexash

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