Fashion Discoveries: A Made In Nigeria Wooden Bag

IMG_20190216_192850_601.JPGThis is so ’90s in style and design. It’s a bit of nostalgic looking at it, my mum just smiled when I showed her these pictures.

IMG_20190216_192904_056.JPGMaliko is the designer behind these beautiful wooden bags, the Oke Wooden Clutch and the Half Moon Clutch Bag. Maliko is a Nigerian fashion and luxury brand that produces beautiful leather crafts for men and women. The brand’s products include the Onike sandals, leather rings, ring belts, slides, billfold wallets, mules and more.

IMG_20190216_192924_428.JPGThe Wooden bag is designed in two shapes a square shaped and moon shaped. The two designs are entirely wooden but have bold strips of fine brown leather running horizontally around them.

IMG_20190216_192914_230.JPGThe bags have also have a leather clasp and a wooden handle. I don’t know how light it is with stuff but beauty is weight 🏋️🏋️🤗.

Photo Source: Instagram, @malikostudios

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