Trish O Couture’s Love Inspired Looks is the Right Shade of Red for You

PHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-01.jpgSome clothing look as good off season as it does in-season, that is why Trish O Couture’s Valentine Looks is as good a red and sheer as any other.
Perfect for every occasion and even for work, the collection of romance inspired ensembles is as brazen, bold as it is beautiful.

PHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-07.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-06_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-06.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-53-59_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-00.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-01_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-02.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-53-59.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-00_1.jpgReleased for Valentine, by the Nigerian women’s wear brand, the collection features tulles, floral appliqués, with polka-dots and ribbon additions.

PHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-081.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-07_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-08.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-07_2.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-05.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-04.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-03.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-04_2.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-05_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-05_2.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-04_1.jpgPHOTO-2019-02-13-15-54-01_2.jpgTrish O Couture presented 6 looks comprising of dresses, gowns and jackets with full skirts, ruffles, layers, beading and tiers details.
For Valentine, this looks like something from Disneyland- dreamy and beautiful.

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