Aloz Fabtory – The Naissance Collection

IMG_20190218_003740_731.JPGThe Naissance Collection is Aloz Fabtory’s debut collection. It debuted on 11th February 2019 and yes, it met our expectations.

IMG_20190218_003440_057.JPGIMG_20190218_003451_620.JPGIMG_20190218_003506_915.JPGIMG_20190218_003629_309.JPGIMG_20190218_003654_251.JPGIMG_20190218_003639_950.JPGIMG_20190218_003718_713.JPGThe collection is a mixture of bold and soft colors. It presents elegant pieces of structure and design filled with cut outs, layered fabrics, pleats, peplums, bows, floral appliqués and lace details.

IMG_20190218_003755_124.JPGIMG_20190218_003910_986.JPGIMG_20190218_003857_368.JPGIMG_20190218_003822_504.JPGIMG_20190218_003807_026.JPGIMG_20190218_003846_778.JPGIMG_20190218_003925_077.JPGIMG_20190218_003938_240.JPGIMG_20190218_003952_243.JPGFrom the Alami dress, a one shoulder stunning dress in creamy white lace with a floral motif at the shoulder and another huge floral design running from its waistline down to the heels; to the Lela dress, an assymetrical one shoulder dress in sky blue color, the Naissance Collection is designed for the style moments of the Aloz woman.

IMG_20190218_003343_191.JPGIMG_20190218_003359_478.JPGIMG_20190218_003410_680.JPGIMG_20190218_003605_052.JPGIMG_20190218_003615_674.JPGIMG_20190218_003538_444.JPGIMG_20190218_003552_592.JPGIMG_20190218_004005_937.JPGIMG_20190218_004017_581.JPGIMG_20190218_003807_026.JPGIMG_20190218_003835_044.JPGIMG_20190218_003822_504.JPGFrom the office, to a dream wedding, over to a glamorous reception, or a day out at the Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo Cape Town.

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