The Lotus Collection by Nigerian Designer Yutee Rone

IMG_3829.jpgYutee Rone’s Lotus Collection draws inspiration from the Lotus flower. A sacred symbol for many cultures, the beauty and essence of the Lotus is captured in the clean lines, structure and detail of Yutee Rone’s collection.

IMG_3644.jpgIMG_3665.jpgIMG_3770.jpgIMG_3876.jpgIMG_3553.jpgIn paying homage to the sacred flower, the designer embodies the Lotus characteristics into the collection. The flower appears as a motif in a pair of colorful floral blouse and pants, and in a pastel mauve colored wide-legged pant the flower’s petals are its main details.

IMG_3763.jpgIMG_3456.jpgIMG_3481.jpgIMG_3523.jpgIMG_3669.jpgIMG_3708.jpgIMG_3746.jpgIMG_3583.jpgIMG_3903.jpgIMG_3640.jpgyute-jsp-30.jpgThe collection is cool and modern. I like how the collection merges structure to the feminine silhouette creating an artistic and beautiful style. There are double breasted jacket dresses with pigtails, jumpsuits, dresses, short sleeved jackets, and sheer skirts in a lovely blue color.

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