Karl Lagerfeld

IMG_20190219_144015_236.JPGMy first designer was Karl Lagerfeld. I didn’t meet him; I knew his designs and some of his works with Chanel, H&M and his eponymous fashion brands. His name, platinum white ponytail, spotless 4 inches white collar, biker gloves and sunglasses are unforgettable. He was the King of fashion and his classic look and style had no competition.

He is dead now – at age 85. For more than 50 years, Karl Lagerfeld changed fashion through his creativity, fashion ideas and leadership.

IMG_20190219_144004_722.JPGIMG_20190219_143927_765.JPGHe stood out as a photographer, craftsman, director, entrepreneur. His extravagant fashion shows were famous; he designed and created entirely new sets as his runway. From the Chanel Airport to a runway set in a stable and another at the beach, his imagination was wide.

IMG_20190219_143942_916.JPGHe was powerful, creative and passionate about his work and will always be remembered as an unbeatable fashion force, an influential fashion icon and inspiration.

Photo Source: Getty Image

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