Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready to Wear – Ashish

csc_3392.jpgThe overly bouffant hairdo of Ashish’s models for its Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready to Wear presentation distracted from the collection’s chic, contemporary clothing.

csc_3719.jpgcsc_3350.jpgcsc_3405.jpgcsc_3339.jpgcsc_3481.jpgThe fashion event which was held in London, showcased gowns, dresses, pants, blouses and oversized sweatshirts.
However, the sequins, colorful patterns, floral embellishments and technicolor crochet illusions provided an artistic enjoyment to the collection.

csc_3430.jpgcsc_3421.jpgcsc_3364.jpgcsc_3374.jpgcsc_3457.jpgcsc_3763.jpgcsc_3746.jpgcsc_3695.jpgcsc_3681.jpgcsc_3709.jpgcsc_3618.jpgcsc_3633.jpgcsc_3659.jpgcsc_3675.jpgcsc_3582.jpgcsc_3543.jpgcsc_3536.jpgcsc_3593.jpgcsc_3751.jpgcsc_3504.jpgcsc_3509.jpgcsc_3525.jpgcsc_3787.jpgUnderneath the big waves of brunette hair, there was a colorful, sparkly, floral-motif assymetrical skirt worn with a crochet cardigan; a square motif sleeveless v-neck cardigan worn over a silver satin oversized shirt was paired with matching pants; and an unlikely but beautiful combination of a lime green and sand brown sweater worn with an A-line tea length lavender skirt took us back to the American Comedy series Ugly Betty.

The socks and shoe pairings are not new but they add to what I love about the Ashish collection.

Photo Source: Vogue

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