Elexiay’s first 2019 Collection

IMG_20190221_200850_634.JPGElexiay is a clothing brand based in the United States of America. The fashion brand offers unique, stylish women’s wear all designed from handmade crochet clothing.

IMG_20190221_201127_551-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201152_306-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201115_525-1.JPGThis collection is Elexiay’s latest collection and it is the brand’s first collection for the year 2019.
Comprising of bandeaus, skirts and plunging mini dresses, the collection is designed for the high-flying sophisticated chic woman.

IMG_20190221_201048_020-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201102_993-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201034_624-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201019_960-1.JPGIMG_20190221_200918_955-1.JPGIMG_20190221_201008_068-1.JPGIMG_20190221_200907_769-1.JPGIMG_20190221_200838_079-1.JPGIMG_20190221_200850_634-1.JPGPhotographed by The Alfe, the collection is designed for beach and late night parties. Pieces from the collection are sexy, with beautiful vibrant colors and.
My younger sister thinks they are unique, and I think so too; and I agree with her that this collection is for the brave.

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