Food Inspo 10: Coconut Fried Rice

The idea of Coconut rice having a fried rice version never crossed my mind until I saw the Instagram video of a Coconut Fried Rice meal by food blogger, Cooking with Emmy.

IMG_20190214_174545.jpgThe video was a short one, but it gave me a simple set of instructions that helped me try my own. The result was a beautiful and delicious meal. The video by Cooking with Emmy is shared below.

Ingredients for Coconut Fried Rice
(For six servings)

IMG_20190214_140902.jpg1. 4 cups of white rice (Ebonyi Rice)

2. Emma Unsweetened Coconut Cream Powder (1 sachet)
3. 1 Croaker fish
4. Carrots
5. Green peas
5. Green pepper
6. Red pepper
7. Fresh tomatoes
8. Two balls of large onions
9. Crayfish
10. Mr. Chef seasoning cubes
11. Salt
12. Spice Supreme Jollof Rice Spice
13. Spice Supreme Ground Cinammon.
17. Oil for frying
18. Water

I prepared the Croaker fish the night before. I cleaned out the scales with a sharp knife (be mindful of plugging the sink first), washed and cut it into sizable chunks. I marinated the fish and left it overnight in the fridge.


1. Set all the ingredients on a kitchen table.
2. Wash the rice and parboil.
3. Clean the carrots, green peas, green pepper, red pepper, fresh tomatoes separately.
4. Cut the carrots, green peas, green pepper and tomatoes.
5. Blend the cray fish.
6. Grind the red pepper.


7. The rice should be ready, wash it to get rid of the starch and set it aside.
8. Heat the oil (I used groundnut oil) and fry the marinated cut fish till the cuts are nicely brown on the sides.
9. Pour two cups of water in a pot and boil.
10. Stir in the sachet of Emma Unsweetened Coconut Cream Powder.
11. Add the ground red pepper, sliced onions, crayfish, salt and Mr. Chef seasoning cubes.
12. Pour in the parboiled rice and turn the mixture, leave it to cook.

13. Stir fry the carrots, green peas, onion, green pepper, and tomatoes until cooked. I usually soak my green peas in hot water to soften it quickly before frying.
14. Before the coconut water in the rice completely dries up, transfer the fried ingredients to the rice and cook for a few minutes.
15. When the rice is done, serve hot.



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