New Bridal Collection – Abèbí by Tan

Abebi-By-Tan-Bridal-41.jpgOne of the things Abèbí by Tan does really well are Kimonos. It’s line of chic, trendy kimonos in colorful prints and beautiful, free flowing fabrics make a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


For it’s bridal collection, Abèbí by Tan creates a collection of sheer kimonos for a bridal pre-wedding party and after-party. The collection also provides kimonos in bridal white designs with lace inlets that can be worn by the bride for the wedding ceremony or the reception.

The uniqueness of Abèbí by Tan’s latest collection is how easily you can switch the Kimono’s from a bridal ensemble, to casual style. The color combination is also one of its appealing features, we see a beautiful rainbow mixture of light green, pink, purple, tan, yellow, white and black with sequins designs and ostrich feather hems.

According to the clothing brand’s creative director, Seyitan Atigarin “I want every woman wearing each piece to feel comfortable, stylish, luxuriant, chic and sexy. Each kimono can be worn long after the wedding day and is sure to become a perfect aide-memoire of your special day”.

Abebi-By-Tan-Bridal-51 (1).jpgAbebi-By-Tan-Bridal-21.jpgAbebi-By-Tan-Bridal-51.jpgAbebi-By-Tan-Bridal-61.jpgAbebi-By-Tan-Bridal-71.jpg
The collection was photographed by Anny Robert and modeled by Taje Priest, Stephanie Ani and Amiola Aguda. Other creative inputs like creative direction was by Style Concierge, videography by Ajifa Atuluku and makeup by Chidinma.

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