Kim Kardashian West in another Thierry Mugler Vintage dress

About 6 days ago, Kim Kardashian West wore a vintage Thierry Mugler dress to the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards in Los Angeles. The black dress soon became “the subject of discuss” for it’s daring thin strip torso cutouts. I didn’t like the look.

IMG_20190226_122127_836.JPGOn Monday night, Kim Kardashian West wore Thierry Mugler in Canada to a fashion event organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is honoring Thierry Mugler’s works through a fashion exhibition of the designer’s best works, titled Thierry Mugler: Couturissime. This time, Kim Kardashian West wore not one but two of Thierry’works and I think they are my favorite Kim Kardashian West style moments since January.

IMG_20190226_115252_168.JPGIMG_20190226_115304_779.JPGIMG_20190226_115228_316.JPGIMG_20190226_115238_202.JPGIMG_20190226_115324_964.JPGef50baa2725c7eae7ac9860e74b46983.jpgd8bfce49f68f9694535b3e518d715895.jpgIMG_20190226_115335_665.JPGHer first look was a Grecian inspired, pale pink sheer dress worn with a gold plastic breastplate. It was a one shoulder dress held together by a gold brooch, it featured ruching details that ran from the waist to the hips and extra fabric that serves as a train. Kim Kardashian West paired her look with gold colored perspex heels and makeup.

IMG_20190226_115344_520.JPGIMG_20190226_115357_464.JPGIMG_20190226_115412_502.JPGLater that night, she wore a white corset style mini-dress with a cup bra detailing and plenty of pleats. It featured a boned bodice, tight waist line and an A-line structured skirt. She switched her hair style, opting for a structured hairdo with loose twisted tendrils.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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