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The Woora Woman’s Latest Arrivals

The Woora Woman provides a set of elegant, unique day wear for work and events. A collection of more than 20 pieces including frill skirts, champagne gold dresses, sheer lace applique blouses, Maxi gowns and sequined skirts, Woora Woman ensures that you are not out of choices. The designs are sophisticated, with color options that… Continue reading The Woora Woman’s Latest Arrivals

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I Am Woman is a beautiful fashion edit by Nigerian photographer Anny Robert and Maju, a Nigerian fashion and clothing brand. The fashion and photography editorial was created in honor of Women's History Month and the celebration of womanhood. It stars model Aduke Bey and style blogger Angel Obasi. The collaboration features the latest fashion… Continue reading I AM WOMAN


Thoughts 💭

I am the man of a thousand loves, A thousand loves have I; And all my loves are white-winged doves, That into my soul would fly. I am the man of a thousand friends Of tuneful memory; And each of them spends the delicate ends Of a brilliant day with me. And all my gifts… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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The “Beatnik” Collection

The Beatnik Collection is Knanfe's first collection of the year. With the success of the Cosmopolitan Collection in 2018, Knanfe's latest collection is a beautiful upgrade of style and uniqueness. Here, the fashion brand went for more feminine features but still retained the style structure and layers that dominated the Cosmopolitan. This collection presents subdued… Continue reading The “Beatnik” Collection



I believe that it is right and that courtesy demands I render my sincerest apologies to you. I have been off radar, so to speak these past few weeks and have been unreliable with my posts. I greatly apologize. I moved to a new town and the circumstances that led to this development was very… Continue reading Apologies

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Do it in Statement Sunglasses

Quay Australia designs sunglasses exclusively and provides trendy, exquisite, celeb-approved shades for every day. The brand teamed up with A-Rod and Jennifer López, Hollywood's latest most stylish and trendy couple, in the brand's newest fashion x accessories collaboration. Sold for from £45, the collection of sunglasses has, according to the brand, a "selection of styles… Continue reading Do it in Statement Sunglasses


Thoughts 💭

Red Love still rules the day, white Faith enfolds the night, And hope, green-mantled, leads the way by the walls of the City of Light. Therefore I walk as one who sees the joy shine through Of the other Life behind our life, like the stars behind the blue. —Dean Farrar. This image does not… Continue reading Thoughts 💭

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Visual Poetry by Djeneba Aduayom

Titled "A Pas de Deux of Color and Shape...", this fashion x photography editorial combines the skill set of Djeneba Aduayom as a dancer and photographer. Designed for New York magazine The Cut, Djeneba Aduayom who describes her work as “visual poetry,” worked with model Nyadhour Deng for this editorial. The shoot sees Nyadhour posed… Continue reading Visual Poetry by Djeneba Aduayom

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Photo of the Day – The sun yellow ombre gown

This gown is designed by Georges Chakra. It is among the works presented by the Lebanese designer at Paris Fashion Week, for his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The gown's defining feature is its vivid color - a mixture of sun yellow and ombre colors with light splashes of pale cream color. The gown is one shoulder… Continue reading Photo of the Day – The sun yellow ombre gown