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All the shades of the Ace Dress

The Ace Dress was first introduced as part of the looks in the Naissance Collection by Nigerian design house, Aloz Fabtory.Β Aloz Fabtory – The Naissance Collection A long, black dress with dramatic puffy sleeves, assymetrical pleats and a black mesh neckline, the elegant black dress was among the collection's top looks. Since the launch of… Continue reading All the shades of the Ace Dress

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Wild at heart with Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi's Milano collection includes a love-at-first-sight pair of 50mm fringed boots. A beautifully designed suede + leather over the knee boot, Sergio Rossi adds charm to this beauty with sophisticated assymetrical fringing and lacquered-black low heel. With the fringed boots, Sergio Rossi offers color options in black or white. The boots are sold for… Continue reading Wild at heart with Sergio Rossi


Thoughts πŸ’­

Don't loose your guiding light to the joys of the night. Don't give up even when your heart is breaking. No matter what happens, always be happy... β€”Ladies in Black (2018) This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.