IMG_20190303_234404_622.JPGBy Nina Kwande describes itself as a new label in the Fashion Industry. Taking a look through the brand’s past collections, we see a range of beautiful and fashionable dresses and gowns, cut in simple lines, toned fabrics and adorned with embroidery.

By Nina Kwande clearly has a practiced hand in fashion and designing, and a keen knack for providing seamless detailed wears for its customers; it is safe to say that it’s self description as a new label is quite modest.

IMG_20190303_234525_158.JPGIMG_20190303_234414_074.JPGIMG_20190303_234514_244.JPGFor the brand’s new collection, the brand veers away from its streamlined silhouettes, beaded details and chiffon bishop sleeves to a modern, trendy look.

IMG_20190303_234501_256.JPGIMG_20190303_234425_692.JPGIMG_20190303_234447_228.JPGIMG_20190303_234436_714.JPGHere, the fashion brand offers a more unique and mature look. Each piece of this collection offers the wearer an option of easy transition from casual style to work wear. It’s turtle neckline sits pretty with the maxi inspired mesh gowns and blouses.

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