The Black Diamond by Nnonistics

Nonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-3.jpegOne of my very first thoughts when looking at a collection or a clothing for the first time is: can I or can I not wear it? Sometimes, the model is not in my size and the designer does not state that there’s an option for plus size women. However, I just usually envision myself in the dress or blouse or pants, and for this reason also I am usually prompted to write about a collection from the point of view of the customer.

Nonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-15.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-16.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-4.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-5.jpegThis was my first thought while scrolling through this collection. I first saw the white, v-neck lace dress with s-shaped designs on it and was a tiny bit skeptical, until I saw the entire collection and I thought, it’s an ‘A’.

Nonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-91.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-17.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-6.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-11.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-25.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-4.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-18.jpegI think this collection is really good, not just something I would want to wear but something I think you will like too. The black and white details reminds me of the A’ nger fabrics of the Tiv people in Benue and Plateau States of Nigeria.

Nonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-10.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-1.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-12.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-24.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-8.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-14.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-20.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-19.jpegThis collection provides us with plenty design inspiration for wearing monochrome and black and white stripes the traditional, asoebi style. My favorite here is the double breasted pantsuit worn over a turtleneck lace blouse.

Nonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-23.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-2.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-13.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-22.jpegNonnistics-Monochrome-Collection-OnoBello-7.jpegAccording to Nonnistics, the collection is by; “the irrepressible truth about the African Fashion Industry which has clearly risen from the dark ashes of obscurity to the clear rays of the sunlight. The continent of Africa as undeveloped and struggling as it may remain the world’s repository of ‘diamonds’ – rich in human and natural resources including the physical diamonds.”

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