Amma – Le Rouge Woman

IMG_20190305_231031_990.JPGLe Rouge by Amma presents it’s Fall 2019 Look Book. According to the fashion brand, Le Rouge is a limited collection designed for the “modern African woman.”

Le-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-9.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-10.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-7.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-11.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-4.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-1.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-5.jpegThe collection relies heavily on African prints and chooses, serene pastel colors with geometric motif patterns. The designs and well tailored cuts in Le Rouge are simple, defined.

The lush feather fringe details add glamor and luxury to the simple silhouettes.

IMG_20190305_231201_109.JPGLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-2.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-3.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-6.jpegLe-Rouge-By-Amma-Fall-2019-Lookbook-OnoBello-8.jpegIMG_20190305_231053_530.JPGIMG_20190305_231015_225.JPGIMG_20190305_231139_548.JPGIMG_20190305_231149_165.JPGIMG_20190305_231000_376.JPGIMG_20190305_231106_477.JPGIMG_20190305_231206_926.JPGIMG_20190305_231112_027.JPGIMG_20190305_231116_718.JPGIMG_20190305_231154_956.JPGIMG_20190305_231043_112.JPGIMG_20190305_231048_358.JPGIMG_20190305_231026_471.JPGIMG_20190305_231132_543.JPGIMG_20190305_230951_661.JPGIMG_20190305_231121_978.JPGIMG_20190305_231127_109.JPGThe collection provides a wide range of choice for the everyday woman with pieces designed for casual wear, work and late night parties.
With this collection, the designer Amma Indimi ensures that you are on trend with modern styles while also promoting African wear.

For more information on the Le Rouge Collection, visit

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