Work Wear by Elvira Jude

IMG_20190305_204927_305.JPGElvira Jude’s new work wear collection is limited edition. The ultra chic designs with its stylish details are based off of the lead female character Adaeze (played by Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji)’s stylish work wear in the 2018 movie, Lion Heart.

IMG_20190305_204941_354.JPGIMG_20190305_205100_073.JPGIMG_20190305_204654_726.JPGFor this collection, the Nigerian fashion brand went outside fashion norm and instead worked with Nigerian fashion illustrator, Victory Ajibola and the collection’s muse, Genevieve Nnaji to create stunning, realistic illustrations of each piece in this collection.

IMG_20190305_204732_482.JPGIMG_20190305_205035_979.JPGIMG_20190305_204803_703.JPGWe are presented with images of Genevieve Nnaji in bold colors with simple designs, in looks the designer has rightly termed “a wardrobe of powerful clothing”. The collection features cowl necklines, pleats, peplums, jewel necklines and pocket details.

IMG_20190305_204711_757.JPGIMG_20190305_204748_826.JPGAlthough we don’t get to see the teeny weeny details that a photograph would have captured, I think the illustration used to present this collection offers us a fresh and beautiful perspective.

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