Terra Cotta’s Fleur Collection

This new collection by Terra Cotta mixes sophisticated power dressing with casual wear.

Terra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-1.jpgThe collection titled ‘Fleur’ draws inspiration from the 1920s and the Ikebana, a Japanese art of flower arrangement. The collection is comprised by edgy sweatshirts with embossed catchy phrases and the mysterious eye πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨.

Terra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-12.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-9.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-5.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-8.jpgFor the work wear pieces, the designer’s creativeness is emphasised in their use of structure and layers to create a line of exciting pieces. The clothing in this collection also come in bold colors.Β I think the most definitive feature here can be found in the neckline. They are beautiful.

Terra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-13.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-2.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-14.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-7.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-1.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-4.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-3.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-11.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-10.jpgTerra-Cotta-Fleur-Collection-Vimbai-Mutinhiri-And-Ifu-Ennada-OnoBello-6.jpgTo mark the collection, Terra Cotta released this poem β€˜Don’t Be Mistaken By The First Impression, Don’t be Fooled By That Innocent Expression. She’s Not What She Seems; Don’t Wait For The Dreams; The Woman Is Wild – SO WILD! She Fizzles Then Takes Flight. An Understated Charisma, Allure, Romance, Charm Associated With A Woman On A Mission To Finding Her Light In Her Position.’

The collection was photographed by @rob_media and modeled by Ifu Ennada and Safiyat Masha.

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