The New Pop Art Fashion Collection


Bicycle shorts, assymetrical blouses, short dresses, one sleeve dresses, pants and tailored jackets in bright, bold colors make up Fahaid Sanober’s new Pop Art Fashion Collection. The collection is a luxury collection and is accompanied with accessories from luxury brands.

IMG_20190313_203510_142.JPGIMG_20190313_203538_843.JPGIMG_20190313_203640_721.JPGIMG_20190313_203456_892.JPGIMG_20190313_203445_397.JPGFahaid Sanober goes for a chic, artistic look. The pieces are trendy, modern wear. Like most collections, the beauty can be found in the details. Here, a ruched denim skirt is finished with a croc leather hem, a sassy black and yellow dress is layered on the sleeve, while the black long-sleeved jacket is adorned with a green tassel train.

IMG_20190313_203657_056.JPGIMG_20190313_203708_427.JPGIMG_20190313_203526_488.JPGIMG_20190313_203621_738.JPGIMG_20190313_203554_898.JPGThe New Pop Art Fashion Collection features Chopard jewelry, Koko sunglasses, Maison Ernest shoes and was photographed by @gil.vicente_photographer

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