Do it in Statement Sunglasses

Jennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-2.jpgQuay Australia designs sunglasses exclusively and provides trendy, exquisite, celeb-approved shades for every day.

Jennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-3.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-6.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-7.jpgThe brand teamed up with A-Rod and Jennifer López, Hollywood’s latest most stylish and trendy couple, in the brand’s newest fashion x accessories collaboration.
Sold for from £45, the collection of sunglasses has, according to the brand, a “selection of styles defined by luxe metal accents, oversized shapes and flashy lens”.

Jennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-1.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-4.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-8.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-5.jpgJennifer-Lopez-And-Aex-Rodriguez-Quay-Australia-Campaign-OnoBello-3.jpgPairing A-Rod and J Lo in this collaboration with Quay ensures that the collection provides the ultimate fashion pieces for His’ and Hers’.
The fashion shoot was photographed by Sasha Samsonova. The collection includes the Empire sunglasses, Evasive, Reina, Get Right, Poster Boy, All In, El Dinero and many more.

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