The “Beatnik” Collection

20KNANFE-SS-19.jpgThe Beatnik Collection is Knanfe’s first collection of the year. With the success of the Cosmopolitan Collection in 2018, Knanfe’s latest collection is a beautiful upgrade of style and uniqueness. Here, the fashion brand went for more feminine features but still retained the style structure and layers that dominated the Cosmopolitan.

43KNANFE-SS-19.jpg42KNANFE-SS-19.jpg18KNANFE-SS-19.jpg19KNANFE-SS-19.jpg17KNANFE-SS-19.jpg21KNANFE-SS-19.jpg40KNANFE-SS-19.jpg41KNANFE-SS-19.jpg39KNANFE-SS-19.jpgThis collection presents subdued colors, layering, chenille fabrics, floral and geometric prints, slits, sheer and extra dose of sass.


For Knanfe’s creative director, Nanfe Jemimah Kefas the collection is more than a wide choice of beautiful clothing, it is represents β€œa free-spirited woman” she brings energy to her surroundings with her words, smiles, and personality. She’s fun, free, confident and courageous. A free-spirited woman is confident and self-assured.

The collection is made for an urban woman, who loves to explore and be free in what makes her comfortable.

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