41 Luxe and it’s latest stocking

Nigerian high fashion retail store, 41 Luxe recently released a photo-speaks of its latest arrivals.

IMG_20190330_154430_205.JPGThe collection of clothing include bright colors, polka dots, sheer, ruffles, assymetrical details and pleats.
Each piece has its own distinctive style and design; a wrap around kimono-inspired jacket dress sports a peplum hem, an off-shoulder ruffle blouse is paired with black and white striped pants for a chic look, while a blue hand threaded lace blouse is worn with a floral tea-lenght skirt.

IMG_20190330_154455_272.JPGIMG_20190330_154508_518.JPGIMG_20190330_154530_003.JPGIMG_20190330_154519_121.JPGIMG_20190330_155126_535.JPGIn this set of photographs, 41 Luxe also showcases the latest in accessories from their store. From fashionable, small hand clutches to shoes and jewelries, all thoughtful selected for every fashionable moment.

IMG_20190330_154934_261.JPGIMG_20190330_154956_933.JPGIMG_20190330_155246_627.JPGIMG_20190330_155305_744.JPGIMG_20190330_155348_986.JPGIMG_20190330_155337_275.JPGIMG_20190330_155359_511.JPGIMG_20190330_155326_910.JPGIMG_20190330_154847_422.JPGIMG_20190330_154759_242.JPGThe store is known for stocking clothing and accessories from designers across Africa, including local and international designers.Β 

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