Autumn/Winter 2019: Winnie Ahupa

I got a couple of follows on Instagram, among them was a Nigerian women’s wear clothing brand, Winnie Ahupa. Thankfully when I had the chance to follow back, the network connection was going through. I went through Winnie Ahupa’s Instagram page and discovered the fashion brand had released excerpts from their new Autumn/Winter collection.

IMG_20190402_193244_832.JPGIMG_20190402_193210_569.JPG Inspired by the Jazz era of the 1920s to 1930s, the designer describes the new collection as “classy, elegant and most importantly timeless”.

With its satin figure hugging, floor-length gowns with long slits and ruffle necklines, the collection is unlike the popular flapper fashion of the 1920s. While the flapper fashion was known for shift dresses, above the knee length and loose cuts, Winnie Ahupa’s designs are created in a sophisticated and classic style with the clothing designed to perfectly fit the woman’s form.

IMG_20190402_193158_384.JPGIMG_20190402_193229_068.JPGIMG_20190402_193143_289.JPG I like the color mix, hats, jewelry and glove additions to the collection and with the 1963 Toyota Tiara at the background, this collection makes it to my list of favorites for the year 2019. 

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