Spring/Summer 2019: Viktor and Rolf

IMG_20190403_045645_500.JPGLayers and layers of tulle in bright rainbow colors are what we find in Viktor and Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, titled “Fashion Statements”. Another, are the slews of assertive statements that reinforce the social and fashion movements that are prevalent today; from the #MeToo to self love, acceptance and body positivity.

IMG_20190403_045623_502.JPGIMG_20190403_045613_305.JPGIMG_20190403_045529_744.JPGIMG_20190403_045804_405.JPGIMG_20190403_045850_528.JPGIMG_20190403_045838_702.JPGIMG_20190403_045817_399.JPGThe collection is dreamy and romantic, and I like how it effortlessly slays the no-skin concept. Some of the pieces from the collection are draped with ruffled tulle from head to toe, some with bold Juliet sleeves and butterfly sleeves.


Since it’s release, the collection has been a fashion favorite for celebrities. Pieces from it has been worn by celebrities like Poppy, Caroline Vreeland and Kylie Jenner.

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