At Sundown, the Festivities Begin

IMG_20190410_064138_133.JPGUsing four brand new floral and geometric Dutch Wax designs, African textile designer and manufacturer Vlisco collaborated with Nigerian fashion and bridal clothing brand, Hudayya to release a campaign collection for the coming Ramadan festivities.


Oyinkansola Fatima Momoh 
Maryam Bukar
Aisha Augie-Kuta 
Hafsah Mohammed 

Drawing from a rich array of colors, design inspiration and tradition, the duo created a veritable modest wear collection for today’s woman.

Look6_Ramadan.jpgLook7_Ramadan.jpg190307_MM_Vlisco_Nigeria_005_0359.jpgLook5_Ramadan.jpg190307_MM_Vlisco_Nigeria_004_0095.jpg190307_MM_Vlisco_Nigeria_004_0792-1.jpg190307_MM_Vlisco_Nigeria_004_0750-1.jpgIMG_20190410_064114_518.JPGAccording to the team, the Ramadan Kareem collection is a “selection of bespoke Ramadan outfits that match the expressive personalities of four influential Nigerian powerhouses – women as bold as superheroes with the panache to match”.

The women who are muses for the collection are four Nigerian Muslim women: Maryam Bukar a poet and motivational speaker; Oyinkansola Fatima Momoh, founder of Muslimah Style Guide; Aisha Augie-Kuta, an award winning photo journalist; and Hafsah Mohammed, a fashion influencer.

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