Wanna Sambo: The Modern Woman

Wana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-13.jpgYesterday I found Wanna Sambo’s latest fashion campaign, titled “The Modern Woman”.

Wana Sambo is an eponymous clothing and fashion brand owned by Nigerian fashion designer, Wana Sambo. Wana Sambo’s clothing are known for its beautiful representations of bold feminity and power. Since it’s launch in 2010, the clothing brand has provided sophisticated, elegant look for customers, among them African celebrities and fashion connoisseurs.

Wana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-18.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-171.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-5.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-6.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-1.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-121.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-10.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-16.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-3.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-92.jpgWith this latest campaign, Wana Sambo delves even deeper with fashion insights born from a knowledge of the evolving culture that is women’s fashion.

Here, the brand focuses on strength, sophistication, uniqueness, poise, power and masculinity as its inspiration for the campaign. Fans are provided with less details, simpler yet refined cuts and a silhouette that defines and flatters.

Wana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-14.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-11.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-13.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-7.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-151.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-8.jpgWana-Sambo-Campaign-Laila-Johnson-Salami-OnoBello-2.jpgFor the campaign, the Nigerian brand collaborated with advocate and multimedia journalist Laila Johnson-Salami, as its muse.

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