Lankin Ogunbanwo’s Photography x Beauty x Fashion Exhibition

Yesterday at Cape Town, South Africa an art exhibition organized by the What If The World Gallery began its presentation of ‘E Wa Wo Mii’ (Come Look At Me) by Lankin Ogunbanwo.

Lakin-Ogunbanwo-Press-image.jpg5R3A0994-EDIT-2.jpg5R3A0589-EDIT-2.jpgE Wa Wo Mii is a photographic series that focuses on Nigerian brides and Nigerian weddings. Lankin Ogunbanwo through his latest work captures the transitions, solemnity, expectations and the performances of the Nigerian wedding day.

5R3A0877-EDIT-2.jpg5R3A1490-EDIT-2.jpg5R3A0615-EDIT-2.jpgThe three major tribes in Nigeria are dominant in the series, the bridal wears of the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.
In the words of, Lankin “From how she dresses, to how she carries herself, to what she is told. She will be fertile, she should be submissive and supportive. These are the things that she hears on that day”.

5R3A1561-EDIT-2.jpg5R3A1406-EDIT-3detail.jpg5R3A1406-EDIT-3.jpg5R3A0615-EDIT-2.jpg5R3A1490-EDIT-2.jpgIn the series, all the brides wear veils to cover their faces, according to writer Lindsey Raymond, obfuscating the individuality of the women and presenting them as symbolic individuals, regal and grand.

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