New Ins – V.O.L.U.M.E.

IMG_20190411_051801_392.JPGI like this new releases because it evokes a sense of ease and simplicity. There’s not much work to do in terms of accessories and designs. The richness of each piece in terms of design, color and style will cover for a lack of jewelry.

IMG_20190411_051731_653.JPGIMG_20190411_052038_854.JPGIMG_20190411_051823_113.JPGIMG_20190411_052119_890.JPGIMG_20190411_052149_527.JPGIMG_20190411_051812_790.JPGI also love that it offers a lot of choices for Ankara and African prints and provides a lot more designs and styles to choose from.

IMG_20190411_052012_098.JPGIMG_20190411_051911_368.JPGIMG_20190411_052048_893.JPGIMG_20190411_051933_591.JPGIMG_20190411_052100_119.JPGIMG_20190411_051948_710.JPGIMG_20190411_051744_167.JPGIMG_20190411_052203_193.JPGIMG_20190411_052215_712.JPGThis is Ghanaian designer Christie Brown’s latest additions. The new releases feature A-line gowns, assymetrical skirts, ruched gowns, pleated blouses, jackets, palazzo pants, and my favorite a green dungarees inspired gown with a large floral embroidery design.

IMG_20190411_052001_180.JPGIMG_20190411_052022_938.JPGIMG_20190411_052110_294.JPGIMG_20190411_051844_268.JPGIMG_20190411_052139_123.JPGIMG_20190411_051855_731.JPGIMG_20190411_052129_653.JPGIMG_20190411_051833_673.JPGThe new releases also offer day to night switch options for customers.
Check Christie Brown on Instagram @christiebrowngh for prices and more designs.

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