The Breakaway Collection

IMG_20190411_053223_486.JPGThe Breakaway Collection is Lady Biba’s latest collection designed specially for the Easter celebration.

IMG_20190411_053234_085.JPGIMG_20190411_053213_033.JPGIMG_20190411_052228_519.JPGWith the Lady Bosses in mind, Lady Biba’s new collection comes in sets with brilliant floral designs and bright colors.

IMG_20190411_053300_907.JPGIMG_20190411_053152_152.JPGIMG_20190411_053340_876.JPGIMG_20190411_053331_880.JPGIMG_20190411_053322_353.JPGIMG_20190411_053203_505.JPGIMG_20190411_053311_636.JPGIMG_20190411_053245_487.JPGIMG_20190411_052239_401.JPGThe collection is simple and stylish with kimono wrap sets, maxi skirts, tribeca blouses, capri sets, crop bustiers, jackets and flared trousers. For this collection, the Nigerian fashion designer went for bright colors, for a chic, stylish look.

2 thoughts

  1. The most exciting trend you mentioned here about the latest Nigerian fashion style is how bright, chic colors are optimized in kimono wraps, Tribeca blouses, and Capri ensembles. This is just the kind of exotic yet familiar fashion sense that my mom loves experimenting with, especially during hot summer months. She’d surely love to make waves walking the beaches of the Bahamas with my grandma wearing their thick South Sea pearls in counterpoint to their pink coral Capri with Hawaiian Tribeca ensemble. They’d surely look simple, but stunning!

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