Ghana Must Go Bags – A History in Perseverance

IMG_20190414_134956_123.JPGInstead of “outrage”, most people got a healthy laugh when they heard about Louis Vuitton’s $300 Chequered bags aka Ghana Must Go Bags. Sold in Nigeria for between N250 to N900 depending on the size, $300 (approximately N109, 500.00) for the small size version of the bag seemed a whole Ghana Must Go full of much money to dole out on the humble bags.

IMG_20190414_134928_724.JPGIMG_20190414_134841_201.JPGToday’s Ghana Must Go story like it’s history is not high street luxury but one that traces struggle and humility and strenght, a transformation through fashion and photography. Designed by the mother and daughter creative duo, Rose and Chioma Obiegbu (@dreyafrica), and modeled by Fatimat Ayinde, we are presented with a pink, white and blue striped one sleeve gown, featuring a tiered skirt and pleated details. Accompanying the gown is a matching small bag.

IMG_20190414_134906_051.JPGIMG_20190414_135012_055.JPGIMG_20190414_134829_942.JPGA friend said it looked uncomfortable and scratchy; but while presentation is key even for the bags made from woven plastic tarps, the idea for Chioma Obiegbu and photographer Learon Coleman was more about the history and not luxury.

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