JLux Label: SWIM Drop 1

IMG_20190418_073922_983.JPGJLux Label has created another unforgettable collection- The Swim Drop 1.
The collection is designed in nude tones and white and set off with the brand’s mark of distinctive style and unique sexiness.

IMG_20190417_173847_432.JPGIMG_20190417_173837_752.JPGIMG_20190417_173914_070.JPGIMG_20190418_074234_390.JPGIMG_20190418_074242_859.JPGIMG_20190418_074252_352.JPGAccording to the brand, the new collection is exclusively designed with a range of basic designs to high lounge pieces that breathe 🔥.

IMG_20190417_174036_423.JPGIMG_20190417_173825_954.JPGIMG_20190417_173946_651.JPGIMG_20190417_174046_886.JPGIMG_20190417_173924_314.JPGIMG_20190417_173903_351.JPGIMG_20190417_174019_218.jpgIMG_20190417_173934_673.JPGIMG_20190417_173813_604.JPGIMG_20190417_173803_668.JPGIMG_20190418_073912_468.JPGThe collection comprises of mesh one piece ribbed bikinis to two pieces in nude, black and white colors and are available on the JLux Label app.

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