Inspired by Mozambican Women – Mandevo

IMG_20190420_074707_907.JPGDesigner Taibo Bacar traded its signature sleek, sophisticated designs for homey, comfortable, simple and refined in its latest collection, Mandevo.

IMG_20190417_173639_330.JPGIMG_20190417_173627_647.JPGIMG_20190417_173540_678.JPGIMG_20190417_173522_452.JPGThe collection is inspired by Mozambique women especially the women of Southern Mozambique who dwell in the villages.

IMG_20190420_074719_755.JPGIMG_20190420_074731_097.JPGIMG_20190420_074629_782.JPGIMG_20190420_074642_402.JPGIMG_20190420_074656_732.JPGConsisting of knitted cardigans with matching pants, denim jeans, tops and hats, Taibo Bacar mixes cultural elements with modern, ready to wear street style looks. There long-billed African Malachite Sunbird with its bright plumage is captured as beautiful embroidery on each piece of the collection.


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