Hair-raising Art by Laetitia Ky

IMG_20190423_191136_764.JPGHaving the hair literally speak is what Disney and Nickolodeon are made for. Having your hair speak ears, bull, messages of self love, positivity and strength are large words in this context, and that is what Ivorian artist, Laetitia Ky is here for.

IMG_20190423_191018_782.JPGIMG_20190423_191202_141.JPGIMG_20190423_191111_411.JPGLaetitia Ky describes herself as an Ivorian goddess, a Polyvalent artist and an artist who sculpts with her long braids. Her hair-raising works has gained her a lot of attention and positive remarks as she not only uses her designs as entertainment but also a medium for spreading the message of self love, equality and appreciation for the African heritage.

IMG_20190423_191058_227.JPGEach of her designs are made using her hair, sometimes extensions to add length and thickness, wire, wool, needle and thread.

IMG_20190423_191122_109.JPGIMG_20190423_191032_169.JPGIMG_20190423_191151_013.JPGIMG_20190423_191212_713.JPGLaetitia Ky has taken her creativity, art and fun designs to YouTube in a series of DIY tutorial.

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