House of Borah presents its new fashion collection EMOTIONs

IMG_20190423_190612_439.JPGPhotographed by Wide Angle Pixels and modeled by Nma (@_melanie_) and Anjel (@peggyanjel), the fashion collection EMOTIONs is classy and special.

Beginning with the ARDOUR piece – a one-sleeve dark blue dress with assymetrical ruffled hems, House of Borah presents us with the diverse feelings that birthed the collection.

IMG_20190423_190414_247.JPGIMG_20190423_190358_383.JPGIMG_20190423_190748_577.JPGIMG_20190423_190735_361.JPGIMG_20190423_190800_279.JPGThe ARDOUR represents the strength that comes from tenuous struggle and never giving up; the graceful floral inspired dress also in a blue color features a turtle neckline, long intricately designed sleeves and a full skirt that opens like a petal, that is the LIVID piece; the MODISH is my favorite piece, a bohemian inspired maxi dress with colored stripes, assymetrical skirt with a rounded neck and it represents fierceness, strength amidst flawless.


The collection largely comprises of day wear and evening dresses. It mixes simplicity with elegance and style and I like that it encourages a woman to feel strong, sexy, confident and beautiful in every way.


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